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What are the benefits
of our company?

We carry out the release as soon as possible, your track can be posted in 3 days after downloading in your personal account

We do not charge from artists for publishing tracks / clips on digital platforms, respectively, we are interested in the effectiveness of sales of artist's content and, as a result, in increasing their popularity and position in the music market.

At the artist's request we provide an interim report on the dynamics of the content sales, which is especially important in cases where the artist conducts an advertising campaign for the track and wants to understand its effectiveness.

We provide effective and proven tools for promoting and advertising your content.

We will always advise you on any issue related to the publication and promotion of your material.

On which sites
do you post a track?

We place tracks and videos on all world's famous digital sites

Can you post
track only in Tik Tok?

We place tracks on any site including Tik Tok only together with other sites

Is unilateral cancellation
of contract and possible?

You cannot terminate the contract unilaterally, only by agreement of the parties or in cases of significant violation of the terms of the contract which is: no reporting or no payment under this agreement. In this case, you must first send a written claim to the company

How to get to the top Vkontakte?

In order to get into the TOP it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:
a) You must have a high-quality, hit track
b) Availability of promotional plans and a sufficient budget to promote the track

At the moment, there are no other tools on the market, and if somebody promise you to bring the track to the TOP for money, this is a dubious offer

How to promote your

In order for a track to sell well, it is necessary to think out a promo plan for its promotion before the release, allocate a budget for it, and conduct an advertising campaign methodically from the moment of release. These are : Crops in social networks, targeting, PR support, own activity, etc.

You can do it yourself or contact us, our specialists will help you to build an advertising campaign correctly and not to waste your budget

How to understand that the track is

To do this, it's enough for you to do a test seeding and a target, and as a result it usually becomes clear whether it makes sense to further promote this product or if you need to make a new one, but there are could be an exceptions to this rule!

How much money do you need
to promote the track?

The answer here may be the proverb“ Never too much of a good thing. ”Therefore, it's up to you to decide. It's your product and it's your money, you just need to understand that a huge number of new releases appear on the music market every day and it's important not to get lost among them, in any case, to promote the track you need to lay an amount not less than you had spend on your track production.

How to put a track
on the radio?

As a service for promoting your material, our company provides a radio sending out service and personally gives you an answer based on the results of communication with the editor of each radio station

How to do a
good quality cover?

To do this you should reach out to the designers! The cover must be professional and“ clickable ”. It is very important for the release of the track in digital stores and for promotion in social networks.

Bits and Copyright

All conflicts arising from the use of Bits from various beat makers are resolved only by concluding a license agreement with them and it doesn't matter if you bought Bit or it was in the public domain, in any case, an agreement between you and the beat maker is required! Otherwise, claims may arise and as a result your track will be removed from the release or duplication of your musical material by another artist could take place.

In order to conclude an agreement with Bitmaker: Download our contract form, in the column 'Licensor' indicate the full name of the Bitmaker and in the column Licensee your full name, in the paragraph